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About Paceline

We're a SW London and Surrey club with a strong focus on competing in and putting on races.  Our members compete and regularly feature on the podiums of crits, TTs, cross, MTB and road races in London, Surrey and further afield.  Weekly club rides include an early Tuesday and Thursday ride as well as a longer weekend run, all with a no drop option for potential new joiners or those looking for a steadier effort.  Ride meet points are Kingston Bridge for a Staines or Windsor loop @ 6am on Tuesdays, Roehampton Gate for park laps @ 6:15 on Thursdays, and Dish in Hampton Court @8:30 for weekend club runs.  If you're interested in coming along for a ride please get in touch!



Paceline strongly believe in giving back to cycling by hosting events with the help of our members. 2023 events include a 2up TTT at Hillingdon on 18th March, a sporting TT on the GS483 course on 16th April, and a midweek 10 mile TT on the G10/42 course on 10th May

Training Camps

Training Camps

Our pre-season training camp is popular both for building fitness and getting to know your team mates

Epic Trips

Epic Trips

When we're not racing we like to explore, including an annual outing to Brighton and back, and a ride to the Isle of Wight (and round it. And back again 🥵) that seems to be becoming a regular addition to the calendar


We're looking for new members who want to get into any form of racing, are already active racers or are keen to support the local race scene through volunteering and have some fun along the way!  If you're interested then get in touch via email, social media, or the contact form.

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